Property: Adare Manor

Address: Adare Manor, Limerick, Ireland

End Date: August 2017


Adare Manor is an 800 Acre Golf Resort in Ireland complete with cinema, Spa and professional golf resort. The property is made up of the Manor, a historic Irish manor house, with a series of small cottages and townhouses. Complete refurbishment is the resort is set to open in August 2017.


Tasked with;

  • 1st & 2nd fix installation
  • Installing audio-visual equipment
  • Installation of Control4 Hospitality System on EA3 Controllers
  • Installation of an IPTV system
  • Installation of Silent Gliss blinds
  • Installation of Pakedge WiFi
  • Installation of Door Signage and Electronic DND
  • Custom made Android Application
  • Commissioning Rooms
  • Integrating communications systems
  • Installation of Stealth Acoustic Speakers
  • Installation of Cisco networking hardware
  • Installation of Cinema room and seating



Guests can interact with Control4 through the dedicated in room android application and IPTV system.