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Audio Visual – Smart Home

Audio Visual Smart Home

Velocity recognizes there may be more than one music fan in the house, and we make it easy for everyone to enjoy their favourite artists, playlists and streaming services with audio distributed throughout the home—just the way you want it. Stream your favourite music or music service from your smartphone or tablet throughout your Velocity system.

Friends can also wirelessly connect their phone (and playlists) to your system so you can listen to their collection, too. Let every member of the family enjoy their own music in their own space. You can have rock in the kids room, Broadway in the kitchen and country in the garage—all from the same system.

Use music to enhance any control “scene.” When you select “Garden Party,” for instance, your patio and back garden lights go on, the hot tub heats up, the waterfall turns on and your “garden party” playlist bubbles out of the outdoor speakers. Access your entire iTunes library or download your digital music collection to a networked hard drive, and access it all from any room. Stream Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster, TuneIn and more to enjoy your custom playlists or access on-demand music from just about any source. Connect a record player to your system to get true audiophile quality from good old-fashioned vinyl.

Whether you’re a casual radio listener or a hardcore audiophile, music is the soundtrack of your life. But even the most sophisticated stereo systems can get neglected in favor of other options that are more portable and easier to use. The goal of Velocity is to integrate your entire audio experience so you can listen to whatever you want, no matter where you are in your home. 

Its likely that each member of your family has different musical tastes. You probably have several music sources for the audio each of you prefer. You can coordinate and distribute all your music sources from room to room as often as you like and have your music follow you there.

The key to a powerful music distribution system is a multi zone amplifier. Depending on the size of of the installation, you may go with a 4 or 8 zone amplifier. Maybe you like to wake up gently to a certain playlist with both music volume and lighting gradually increasing over a span of several minutes… Perhaps you like to hear the days news as you walk through the door every evening….or maybe you like to put the baby to sleep as the music gradually fades to silence.

Its difficult to overstate the impact that the Velocity home control programming and total audio control can have on your lifestyle.


Your home may be your castle, but it doesn’t have to be an impregnable fortress in order to be secure. It just needs to be smart. With our help, your site can monitor itself and let you know—whether you’re home or away—if something is awry. 

First things first, if you already have a security system Velocity can configure integrate your system to make your existing equipment work better.  Extend your security system’s functionality by adding arm/disarm capabilities straight from your door locks, your mobile phone, your touch panels, and even your garage remote control.  You can build in even more functionality by adding supplemental motion sensor and IP cameras that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world.

Studies have shown  that burglers are much less likely to attempt to enter a house that is occupied, Velocity can set up “mockupancy” programs that turns interior lights on and off in patterns when you are not there faking any would-be intruders into believing there is someone home. With Velocity security products and features you can enjoy a greater measure of safety and peace of mind whether you’re at home or abroad…

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