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Guest Room Management (GRMS)

Guest Room Management Software

Focused on the guestrooms, HVAC control and room status are unique to myRoom Vue, and provide an optimized experience when interacting with the guestrooms.

The GRMS (Guest Room Management Software) is the automation system of the hotel room. It manages information sent by the commands, allowing to operate many functions:

      • Light management (ON/OFF or dimmer)
      • Openings (curtains, rolling shutters and so on)
      • HVAC system
      • Launch ambiance and comfort scenes
      • Manage services as “Do Not Disturb” (DND) or “Make Up Room” (MUR)
      • Presence/absence of the guest in the room
      • Communication with third-party systems as supervisors, access controls, PMS, Smartphones/tablets, TV and so on

Lutron myRoom

Lutron myRoom is a family of guestroom systems for light, temperature and shade control. Each system can be tailored to specific performance and budget requirements. myRoom is available in two tiers—myRoom prime and myRoom plus—for a solution for every property. All myRoom systems offer beautiful, energy-efficient, affordable control options that will help differentiate your property and delight your guests.

The globally-available product and service capabilities of myRoom ensure consistency in properties around the world, and are supported by over 50 years of Lutron innovation, quality, and service.

myRoom Plus

myRoom Prime

Room Dashboard

Monitor and adjust a single room or area efficiently. Control and monitor lights, shades and HVAC in the room. Review energy and alerts in the room for troubleshooting and maintenance, or review current room status and enable/disable room automation.

Floorplan Navigation

Easily navigate through a visual floorplan of the building. Quickly manage multiple areas, troubleshoot issues, and monitor building performance from anywhere.

  • Pan-and-zoom feature dynamically adjusts the details presented based on zoom level.
  • View alerts, lighting status, occupancy, or current energy usage

HVAC control 

Easily view and adjust the current status of HVAC/thermostat settings.

  • Control the thermostat settings and adjust set backs based on guestroom status.
  • View current and historical HVAC performance for troubleshooting.

Custom Room Number Signs and Doorbell Panels

Our patented solution combining our Electronic Do-Not-Disturb system into custom Room Number Signs is an elegant expression of design, innovation, and technology. Whether you require us to create custom room number signs, a sleek doorbell button panel, or simply integrate our technology into your current sign design, we can provide the solution that best fits your needs.

Hotel Doorbell

Announce yourself to guests in a friendly and consistent manner with our pleasant sounding hotel doorbell.

Loud knocking gets so old. Refine your guests’ experience to a welcome chime greeting.

If the room is set to ‘Do Not Disturb’ the doorbell will not ring.

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