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Home Cinema

Immersive Home Cinema Experience

Since the earliest days of cinema, moving picture shows have provided a refuge from the reality of ordinary life. There’s something undeniably special about sitting back and seeing the room fall into darkness as voices lower to a whisper and the credits begin to roll.

The mystery behind the movie magic will always be a part of its charm. But the rules for replicating this experience yourself don’t have to be such a secret. Today, armed with the latest technology and a little DIY ingenuity, you can bring Hollywood to life for much less than you might have imagined.

Starting New or Starting Over

If you can start new from scratch and include blueprints for a theater in the initial construction, you’re already one step ahead.

Collaborate with your building contractor and create a custom-purpose room that fits seamlessly with the style, character, and function of the rest of your property. When building your theatre from the bottom up, you can plan ahead to include the wiring you’ll need for lighting, audio, and video before the walls are even built.

And if you’d like to mount a retractable projector, install professional-quality cinema seats, or add extra sound-absorbing insulation.


Start from the sound up. Make sure to budget for all acoustical components you’ll need to ensure a three-dimensional audio experience. You don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate the value of a strong sound system. When it comes down to it, the most important aspect of a film is the dialogue. Every cent spent on a surround sound speaker system can be well worth it! 


There’s nothing like sitting in the glow of a crystal-clear movie image, and with little more than a pitch-dark room, a projector, and a screen, you’ll be able to achieve a fairly adequate visual presentation. But with today’s technology moving at breakneck speed, there’s no reason to not look for devices that deliver the best and brightest in modern movie viewing. 

Extra Accessories

An expansive theatre setup often leads to a tangled mess of wires, but this can be avoid-ed with some simple cable clamps and ties, a cord organiser, and cable tunnel kit. Be sure to purchase a power protection device as well; in case of a sudden electrical spike or a power outage, you’ll want to be prepared. 

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