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Lighting for Commercial

The lighting control strategies specified in today’s building projects are chosen to optimise the environment for the people in the space, improve building operations, and provide superior energy performance. Lighting, both electric light and daylight, impacts every space within a building. Smart light and blind control is essential to achieving building performance, and delivering the right environment on every project.


Quantum is a lighting control and energy management system that provides total light management by tying the most complete line of lighting controls, motorized window shades, digital ballasts and LED drivers, and sensors together under one software umbrella. Quantum is ideal for new construction or retrofit applications and can easily scale from a single area to a building, or to a campus with many buildings.

Save Energy

Lighting consumes more electricity in commercial buildings than any other building system—about 38%* a year. Lutron lighting control gives building owners and facility managers the power to save more electricity than any other control technology at their disposal.

Lower Costs

Quantum’s central control software simplifies ongoing building operations and reduces maintenance costs. Reports and alerts can identify energy abnormalities and bring attention to maintenance issues or system health problems. These alerts can identify the exact location and nature of a problem, so they can be quickly addressed.

Increase space flexibility

With Quantum, all aspects of the system are digital, so you can easily reconfigure lighting and shading zones without rewiring, making a space adaptable to high churn rates. As the needs of the space change, you can also easily move and reassign wireless sensors and controls right from the software without needing to call an electrician.

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