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Multi-Dwelling Units

High specification multi dwelling units have risen in the competitive city markets. Apartments are now fitted with smart home technology that integrates with traditional building wide technologies – door intercom, automatic gates and security.
Velocity’s solution provides two way video communication to the apartment through the buyers smart home system reducing wall acne in the apartment and providing one simple interface.
For prime apartments Velocity can integrate more concierge features into its platform for both the buyer and concierge.  

The Apartment

Velocity provide a host of packages that can range from a fully fitted smart apartment, ready for a potential buyer to a base system that provides the buyer with an entry level automation system and allows the buyer to customise their system from different audio and video systems to increased security and sensors.

The buyer can be referred to us or we can provide information for the property sales team to handle the solution. orm for both the buyer and concierge.

Public Areas & Intercom

We connect the property wide intercom system with each smart home that allows two way video communication through their smart home interfaces, we can also connect public gates and cameras through the system giving the buyer complete security control from their apartment. 
All these tools integrate within the apartment and interface the buyer would use an cuts down on the requirement of installing a video phone and further technology to view the cameras. 

Security Integration

Building solutions for MDUs brings in all the elements of a smart home, the features that are open for the buyer and the tools that the smart system provides, on top of that we also consider the security concerns that we face within the hospitality industry. 

Over the years we have integrated with a number of security solution providers from security cameras, card entry and intercom systems to ensuring our technology is protected from any potential hackers. 

Servers and Software

We provide a number of servers and network communication devices in order to communicate with each apartment. Using our servers and intercom you can provide the buyer with a solid intercom solution thats integrated into their Smart Apartment. 

Getting in touch

Audio Visual design and implementation is built upon years of training, application and experience at Velocity. We have the tools and resources to create the very best system for your project.