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Your home – But smart
Smart homes are the latest application for homes, soon like electricity and gas these will come as standard with the economical benefits outweighing the costs by far.
But what is a Smart Home?

Take a look below at technology we implement into homes and how it can benefit your project.

Environment Controls

Heating, Lighting and Blinds come under our environment controls and make up the core behind guest experience. 

Simplicity when designing our systems provide the hotelier and the guest with a simple easier to use interface enabling them to use these room elements to enhance guest experience. 
A fancy thermostat is no good if no one can use it 

Visual Controls

Television and Audio bring luxury elements into the Smart Home. 
With one television remote we control the Television, DVD player, Sky or Virgin and Apple TV and this this just an example. Whats more is all of this is hidden, in a cupboard, another room, or even the attic leaving your TV cable free on the wall. 
Check out Centralised Systems for how we do this 

Audio Controls

Hi-Res audio solutions bring that element of luxury to any home – especially at a party. 

Hi-res audio can be sent around the home via in ceiling speakers at the touch of a button. Play music from your favourite streaming service, your CD player or your digital collection at the touch of a button using our intuitive interfaces. 

Home Cinema

Rival any cinema with your very own dedicated
home cinema, incorporating the best in surround
sound technologies and high definition video with
a customised lighting experience to go with it.

Watch content from any of your sources around the home or add a dedicated cinema grade media player.

Keep the cinema clutter free by keeping all your equipment in a central location or hiding away into cupboards.
Incorporate smart lighting for the ultimate home cinema experience

Centralised Systems

Centralised systems provide all the bells and whistles of fully automated, entertainment system, confined into one location.

Centralised systems take the sky box, blu-ray players and other media devices and put them in one location out of sight. Centralised systems also offer the best solution for maintenance providing all the equipment in one location.
Centralised systems are housed in racking with equipment installed and the temperature moderated to ensure best life for the product, heat gains and room temperature are key considerations when designing a centralised system.

Getting in touch

Audio Visual design and implementation is built upon years of training, application and experience at Velocity. We have the tools and resources to create the very best system for your project.